America’s Water Systems Are Killing Us


Remember being a little kid playing outside on a hot summer day? Having so much fun you’d trash the idea of running inside the house to get something to drink. Rather you would go to the water hose outside and take a drink of that refreshing cold water straight from the hose. Off you were back playing with your friends. Well turns out that same fresh water, may not be so fresh after all. As news continues to come out, of how America’s water systems are killing us.

It’s going on well over 100 years since some of the pipes that feed our cities their water supply across America have been put in. Pipes that were built to last 75 to 100 years, but science is different than how it was back then. Research has discovered that from several of decades of industrial dumping, farming pollution, and deterioration of the pipes themselves have taken their toll on our drinking water.

Chemicals and contaminants found in our drinking water have been linked to cancer. Chemicals known as arsenic, nitrates, lead, and carcinogen are linked to cancer individuals all around America. Our body made of 60% water, contains the same contaminants found in our tap water. If our water plants can’t filter them out, what makes you think our bodies can?

America Can’t Catch Up

Funding projects to effectively to filter out these contaminants across the nation would be in the billions of dollars and would be a very massive project. Something that America as a whole, is just not ready for. Some people say that our water is at a safe level, but who says that safe level is acceptable. Over the years, years those same contaminants store up in your body to create what might just be known as a tumor. Cancerous, or not, we need to act to protect ourselves, and the people we love.

Do your research? See what you can do to make a difference in your water quality in your local community. Change your mindset. Just because someone says you are at a safe level, or you are the cleanest, does that really mean that you are safe? Check and see what local resources you can use to help purify your water additionally from its source. And remember, just because they say its filtered doesn’t mean its always clean, healthy water.

Free lead test for drinking water

New York State has introduced a free lead testing program. The 1.5 million dollar program is sponsored by the New York State Health Department. This pilot program will only run until the funds have been exhausted. To order your free drinking water test kit click here.

After you receive your results, contact us for a free consultation. “We get the lead out”.


Fluoride: Is it safe?


Every month we get questions regarding the benefit vs negative health effects of fluoride in drinking water. This has become a widely debated topic in recent years. Scientific studies from the medical community have found fluoride to be a neurotoxin that leads to lower IQ scores in children, damage to the pineal gland and bone density loss just to name a few negative effects of fluoridation. Recently there has been increased pressure on the EPA to stop the addition of fluoride to our drinking water. The reverse osmosis process used in Pure Water Technology’s drinking systems will remove fluoride and provide you with healthier water. To learn more about fluoride in drinking water visit


Attention Craft Brewery Customers

If you plan on attending the Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo in Washington DC April 11th -13th , stop by booth #4448 and say hello to the Pure Water Technology team. We will be displaying one of our workhorse 30 GPM skidded brewery pretreatment systems as well as our newest model: an incredibly compact 15 GPM wall mount pretreatment system. This new high performance 15 GPM rig has a foot print of only 2 square feet and is ideal for smaller breweries. We will also be discussing reverse osmosis systems for stripping problem water. Great beer begins with great water. Come learn how we achieve that goal.

Treating Lead in Your Home Drinking Water

Lately, we have been receiving frequent inquiries regarding treating lead in home drinking water. Generally, lead is not found in high concentrations at water treatment plants. So how does lead get in your home’s drinking water? There are a number of ways that your drinking water comes in contact with lead. Many service lines are still lead pipes. The service line runs from the water main in the street to your house. Obviously, most home owners do not want to incur the expense of replacing the service line. Lead can also be introduced from lead pipes within your house, lead-based solder and plumbing fixtures which predate the Safe Drinking Water Act. Read more

The Lead Crisis and Safe Drinking Water

Flint Michigan is just the tip of the iceberg. A 2016 USA Today investigation discovered almost 2,000 additional public and private water systems with lead concentrations above the Environmental Protection Agency’s safe drinking water threshold. To learn more about the lead crisis click here for the full article. systems-fail- lead-tests/81220466/