6 Ways a WS 12000 Ice and Water Dispenser Can Improve Your Office

Clean, safe, and easily accessible H20 – that’s what you get with an elite, yet cost-effective water dispenser in your office. Work-life is already stressful, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of your water. Our WS 12000 dispenser has a reverse osmosis system that provides you with the purest ice and water in Western New York.

Some of the most notable benefits of switching to a dispenser are saving money and becoming more eco-friendly by getting rid of plastic water bottles and 5-gallon jugs. You’ll also get your coworkers to drink more water without even knowing. But there are some less-obvious benefits of getting a WS 12000 in your office, and once you share the perks with your team, you’ll see the powerful effects of pure water.

Pure Water Tech installing a new machine at Mr. Smith Agency in downtown Buffalo.
Pure Water Tech installing a new machine at Mr. Smith Agency in downtown Buffalo.

1. Stop wasting time.

5-gallon jugs, or worse, plain bottles, are just a waste of your valuable time. We take care of the installation and heavy lifting, so your team can get back to doing the stuff that actually drives your bottom line.

2. Keep your staff safe.

Buying those 5-gallon water jugs takes enough time, but replacing them presents a different set of challenges and potential safety hazards. The dispenser has a taller, far more comfortable dispensing, and our installation team completely eliminates the risk of someone hurting their back while picking up parts, or dropping a heavy jug on their feet. Ouch. 

3. Eliminate downtime with quick repairs.

For those who don’t have a designated repair person on staff, you won’t have to wait days and days for someone to come in and fix whatever machine you currently own. You can put the toolbox away and let our technicians do the job. 

4. Optimize storage space.

Water bottle cases and jugs take up valuable office space. With a WS 12000, you’ll no longer have to worry about stacking containers in your much-needed closet. And you won’t have plastic bottles filling up the recycling bin. 

5. Use it to heat up your food.

With three different temperatures available, you have endless food and drink options. Whether you’re making tea, soup, or even oatmeal, the WS 12000 provides clean, filtered water at any temperature. And best of all, no need for a microwave.

6. Give your office a modern look.

Get rid of the bulky dispenser that’s currently taking up too much office space. As long as there’s a water line, you can put the WS 12000 anywhere without rearranging furniture. And it’s narrow, sleek design won’t throw off any interior decor. 

Try one out for free in your office.

Get in touch with us and we’ll set you up. 

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