7 Series Sparkling Water and Ice Dispenser

The 7 Series Sparkling:  Water and Ice Dispenser with Chewblet® ice

An ideal solution for bottle less water with a small footprint.  The small 14.65″x 22.12″ size makes the 7 Series the perfect fit for a smaller space.  Featuring an integrated ice machine and chilled sparkling water this stainless steel model is attractive and perfect for office use.

  • Integral air-cooled ice machine with up to 125 lb (56.7 kg) daily production of popular Chewblet ice
  • Chilled sparkling and still water
  • Durable, attractive dispenser
  • Designed with sanitation in mind

Compact Size

Compact footprint, only 14.62″ (37.1 cm) W x 22.12″ (56.2) D

Large Capacity

7 lb (3.2 kg) ice storage capacity

Chilled Water On Demand

Integral air-cooled ice machine with up to 125 lb (56.7 kg) daily production of popular Chewblet ice

  • designed to serve up to 25 people (140 servings per 10 hr day 1)
  • soft, chewable, compressed nugget ice
  • meets the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 2 specifications for highly efficient ice machines

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7 Series - Dim 1
Ice storage capacity7 lb (3.2 kg)
W1 Width of dispenser14.62″ (37.1 cm)
D1 Depth of dispenser22.12″ (56.2 cm)
H1 Height of dispenser42.00″ (106.7 cm)
H2 Dispense height clearance8.50″ (21.59 cm)
Ventilation clearance3.00″ (7.62 cm) on each side
C1 115 V/60/1 electrical6.5 amps.
Connect to dedicated 15 amp circuit,GFCI, fuse or breaker.
8′ (2.4 m) cord w/ NEMA 5-15 90º plug.
C2 Ice machine water inlet1/4″ OD
Internal connections from dispenser,
6′ carbonator unit power cord and
water lines
C3 power port to carbonator unit
C4 sparkling water inlet, 1/4″ OD
C5 still water inlet, 3/8″ OD
C6 Carbonator unit power switchC7 power port from dispenser
Carbonator unit water outlet portsC8 chilled sparkling water out, 1/4″ OD
C9 chilled still water out, 1/4″ OD
Carbonator unit inlet portsC10 water inlet, 1/4″ OD
C11 CO2 inlet, 1/4″ OD
Air temperature50 -100 F (10 – 38 C)
Water temperature40 – 90 F (4 – 32 C)
Water pressure10 – 70 psi (69 – 482 kpa)
Water flow rateminimum incoming water flow rate
0.924 gpm (3.5 lpm)
Ice production at 70 F (21 C) air, 50 F (10 C) water125 lb (56.7 kg)
Ice production at 90 F (32 C) air, 70 F (21 C) water100 lb (45.4 kg)
Water cooling capacity4 gph (15 lph)
Energy consumption for ice machine 90 F (32 C) air, 70 F (21 C) water6.9 kWh per 100 lb (45.4 kg) ice
Energy consumption for carbonator unit0.028 kWh, 77 F air, 68 F water, 3 lph
Total heat rejection2150 BTU/hr
Water consumption12 gal (45.4 L) of potable water per 100 lb (45.4 kg) of ice
Approximate net weight151 lb (69 kg)
Approximate shipping weight185 lb (84 kg)