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Is bottle water really safe? The Today Show Fills Us In.

A new study has found small micro plastics inside our bottled drinking water. The Today Show did a segment recently showing the results of the study, in which 93 percent of the bottles studied from 9 different countries contained plastic contaminates; which start getting into the water during packaging, and storage. This study focuses on […]

Legionella hides in secret

Legionella, a disease that has found itself in our local news headlines over the past two weeks is a strand of pneumonia that largely comes from large distribution systems found in hospitals, hotels, and other large faculties. Other sources include humidifiers, mist machines, whirlpool spas, and hot springs. When the disease is not treated in […]

America’s Water Systems Are Killing Us

  Remember being a little kid playing outside on a hot summer day? Having so much fun you’d trash the idea of running inside the house to get something to drink. Rather you would go to the water hose outside and take a drink of that refreshing cold water straight from the hose. Off you […]