Symphony Plus 12 - Product Image

The Symphony Plus 12 Series:  Ice and Water Dispenser

This countertop model is designed to save on space and provide ice and water on demand.  With a 12 lb. ice storage capacity and energy saving features the Symphony Plus 12 is the perfect fit for any small office environment.

  • Integral air-cooled ice machine with up to 186 kg (410 lb) dailyproduction of Chewblet ice
  • comes fully assembled and installs with three easy connections – electric, water and drain
  • Dependable design, easy to service and clean

Big Capacity in a Compact Package

Narrow, 40.9 cm (16.12″) width

Dependable design, easy to service and clean

cleaning and sanitizing of entire machine takes only 1 hour

Durable, attractive dispenser

stainless steel cabinet with accent trim

Think the Symphony Plus 12 is what you have been looking for?  Reach out to our team to find out more

Symphony Plus 12 - Dimension 2
Ice storage capacity5.4 kg (12 lb)
W1 Width40.9 cm (16.12″)
W2 Width, base stand accessory44.4 cm (17.5″)
D1 Depth, entire dispenser59.7 cm (23.50″)
D2 Depth, drain pan13.97 cm (5.50″)
D3 Depth, base stand accessory55.9 cm (22.00″)
H1 Height, dispenser82.6 cm (32.50″)
H2 Dispense height clearance23.83 cm (9.38″)
H3 Height, base stand accessory83.8 cm (33.00″)
Ventilation clearance15.24 cm (6.00″) top and right side
Service clearance30.5 cm (12.00″) top
Utility connection locationthrough back or bottom
C1 220 V/60/1 (“C” models) / 230 V/50/1 (“E” models) electrical5.5 amps, 0.8 kW 2.4 m (8′) cord only
C2 Potable water inlet3/8″ FPT
C3 Drain3/4″ MPT
Air temperature10 – 38 C (50 -100 F)
Water temperature7 – 32 C (45 – 90 F)
Water pressure69 – 483 kpa (10 – 70 psi)
Heat rejection5000 BTU/hr
Approximate net weight65 kg (144 lb)
Approximate ship weight90 kg (199 lb)
Approximate ship weight, base stand accessory36 kg (80 lb)