A Wide Variety of Options to Fit Your Needs

Pure Water Technology of WNY carries an array of water and ice dispenser products designed to fit the needs of any business.  From smaller counter top units to large freestanding dispensers we have you covered.  Representing multiple manufacturers and both water and ice dispenser options we can help service your small office staff of 5 to your manufacturing facility of 75.  Have a custom need?  Call us or reach out and we can help fit you with the right solution for clean and cooled water for your staff.

WS 9000 - Product Image

The WS 9000 Water Cooler

Innovation and design come together in this free standing high capacity water cooler.  With both cold and hot water on demand and one-hand touch dispensing this is the ideal fit for the office kitchen environment.

WS 12000 Main Image

The WS 12000 Water and Ice Dispenser

Huge capacity in an ergonomic design.  The WS 12000 fears hot, cold, and ambient water with a massive ice capacity.  Designed with use in mind this model is sized for ease of use with touch sensor dispenser function.

WS 1000CT - Product Image

The WS 1000CT Water Cooler

Compact, multi-step water filtration ideal for countertop usage.  Fits perfectly under most kitchen cabinets with a large, one hand, hot and cold water distribution capacity.

The WS 5000 Water Cooler

Free standing hot and cold water distribution with extra large dispensing area for large bottles and cups.  Continuous sanitation filtration and enhanced alkalinity for clean water anytime.

7 Series Under Counter - Product Image

The 7 Series Under Counter Ice and Water Dispenser

The 7 Series Under Counter is specially designed to fit under most traditional counter space.  With a height of 86.4 cm, this modern designed water and ice dispenser is the perfect space saving addition to any smaller office and kitchen setting.

7 Series Sparkling Water and Ice Dispenser

The 7 Series Sparkling Water and Ice Dispenser

An ideal solution for bottle less water with a small footprint.  The small 14.65″x 22.12″ size makes the 7 Series the perfect fit for a smaller space.  Featuring an integrated ice machine and chilled sparkling water this stainless steel model is attractive and perfect for office use.

15 Series Freestanding - Product Image

The 15 Series Countertop and Freestanding Water and Ice Dispenser

Designed to serve up to 50 people per day, the 15 Series is the perfect fit for a small to medium office environment.  Available in both countertop and freestanding models this water and ice cooler features a large 125 lb. daily ice production capacity with environmentally friendly features.

Symphony Plus 12 - Product Image

The Symphony Plus C/E 12 Series Ice and Water Dispenser

This countertop model is designed to save on space and provide ice and water on demand.  With a 12 lb. ice storage capacity and energy saving features the Symphony Plus 12 is the perfect fit for any small office environment.

environmentally responsible R134a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential

The Symphony Plus 25 & 50 FB Series Ice and Water Dispenser

Choose between both 25 and 50 lb. ice capacity with the air or water cooled ice machine and water dispenser.  The Symphony Plus is dependable and easy to service and clean with a massive daily ice production capacity of 425 lbs.

WS 9000CT Product Image

The WS 9000CT Water Cooler

Compact with big capacity, the WS 9000 Countertop is designed to provide both cold and hot water on demand in a small space.  With a height of only 20.5″ this water cooler fits just about any space with ease.