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You deserve clean, safe water. And you shouldn’t have to empty your pockets to get it. Pure Water’s reverse osmosis water dispenser is the cost-effective and eco-friendly option for your business.

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Here are the key features of the WS 12000 Ice and Water Dispenser.

  • Touch-activated sensor operation
  • Hot, cold, and ambient water
  • Bullet ice on demand
  • Leak protection system
  • Stores 1.2 gallons of cold water
  • Stores 4.5 gallons of ambient water
  • Makes 37.9 pounds of ice per day
  • Stores 8.8 pounds of ice to prevent leaks
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Reverse osmosis purification.

The reverse osmosis (RO) system pushes water through a semipermeable membrane while filtering out harmful contaminants.

Sleek and simple design.

The clean, modern construction of the WS 12000 looks great in any office. And its comfort-height design also allows you to use the device without bending over and causing discomfort in your lower back.

Energy efficiency mode.

Reduce energy consumption by putting your dispenser in energy efficiency mode. This not only helps save money, but it also helps the environment and the economy at large.

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Save up to Per Year

No maintenance, service, or installation fees.

You can relax while we handle all the heavy lifting. All you do is pay a monthly fee and you’ll never have to worry about extra charges. And when it’s time to change the filter, we’ll come in and replace it at no cost.

Save Plasic Bottles

Become more eco-friendly.

Did you know it takes about 1,000 years to degrade a plastic water bottle? By saving thousands of these bottles per year, you’ll help decrease oil use, greenhouse gas emissions, and pollution.

Reach your water intake goals

Improve the health of your office.

According to our calculations, you’re about gallons away from your recommended monthly water intake as a group. By switching to our dispenser, you’ll consume more water without even knowing.

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I recently took over as head brewer at a brew pub in Philadelphia and the first order of business was to make sure we had the proper water for brewing.  I found an invoice for our water filtration system from Pure Water Technology, which I knew nothing about and emailed them for advice on care and maintenance.  One of their reps contacted me immediately and walked me through every part of the system, how to disassemble, remove filters and trouble shoot it.  After removing the filters, which looked very clean to me, I sent photos and the rep and he called me immediately to verify that I didn’t need to replace them yet.  Very happy with our service from Pure Water Technology.

Jason Ranck Head Brewer 2nd Story Brewing - Philadelphia, PA

I have been a corporate customer of Pure Water for over 8 years. In today’s competitive world many vendors have approached our company to switch but we are 100% satisfied with the relationship with Pure Water. From their professionalism, the attentiveness to any issue and the friendly staff, DENT would highly recommend Pure Water as a product and as a company to anyone considering this service.

Maria Caserta DENT Neurologic Institute

For many years we had water delivered for our employees.  Then one day a representative from Pure Water stopped in things have never been better!  No longer do we have the mess of the empty water bottles laying around, let alone making space for them.  Even when it’s 88 deg. and the humidity is 90% we always have enough water on hand for all our employees, especially the ones who work in the plant where there’s no A/C.  We’ve had no issues with our machine and when filters need to be changed, I make a quick call to Pure Water and they are changed before I know it. Great people, great company, PUREWATER!!!!!!

Stacey Coynen Purchasing Manage - Precision Abrasives

Understanding the filtration process.

Why reverse osmosis water systems are the smarter, healthier choice.

The RO system is easy to maintain and it improves the taste, appearance, and odor of water. The reason why so many people are switching to RO-filtered water is because it's free of chemicals such as arsenic and chlorine, which are commonly found in tap water.

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